A Money Trees That Never Grows


A successful business isn’t fun and games, especially one that violates the Commandment of Time. Often people get into business with the wrong idea of what it will be like. Fueled by gurus and life coaches, many are misled, believing that “be your own boss” and “do what you love” is enough motivational fire to sprout success. Unfortunately, these would-be business owners merge onto roads that may as well trail a path through desert. And sorry, money trees don’t grow in the desert. Think about Ashlyn and her quaint coffee shop. Was she her own boss? Sure, but it wasn’t enough. Ashlyn’s coffee shop didn’t necessarily fail, but it failed her. She was motivated by her passion for art and literature. She was motivated to be her own boss. While such dispositions are healthy, it isn’t enough to change a deficient road. You can’t sprout flowers from arid soil.

As a Fastlaner, your road should be traveled with the intention to make it auto- mated. You want passivity and a living money tree. When you fail the command- ment of time, the failure is cause by one of two obstacles.

they are :

1- You don’t have access to the seeds because your road started with a deficiency.

2- The seeds won’t grow in infertile soil.

If your business is based on one of the money-tree seedlings, it should be capable of growing a money tree. Content systems, computer systems, software systems, distribution systems, and human resource systems are all seedlings to money trees. If your business isn’t based on one, can one be added to make it passive? For Ashlyn’s coffee shop, she recognized she needed the seed to a money tree— human resources—in the form of a general manager. She couldn’t justify the cost, and the seed was inaccessible. Her road started deficient and wouldn’t grow a planted seed. Had she ignored her finances and hired a general manager anyway, hence planting the seed, she would have discovered later that it was infertile and incapable of harvesting a money tree. The problem with most business roads is that they are infertile breeding grounds for money trees simply because they fail the Commandment of Time. The seeds aren’t accessible and those seeds that are accessible won’t take to the soil.

  • A business attached to your time is a job.
  • A business that earns income exclusive of your time satisfies the Commandment of Time.
  • To satisfy the Commandment of Time, start with a business that uses a money- system seedling, or introduce one.

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